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88 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2015 rv-pro.com categories. We also have a chassis modifi- cation category. We do wheel base altera- tions; we upfit the frame structure. In our fabrication division, we build parts to cus- tomers' prints. For the military, they design something that they need, then bring the plans to us and we fabricate components for them." Today, RV revenues account for about 60 percent of MORryde's business – down from about 80 percent prior to 2008. Other industries served include the bus, truck, industrial, furniture, farm, medical and military markets. While the volatile nature of the RV market prompted MORryde to diversify, the supplier had another, more proactive reason to branch out, something the com- pany calls "opportunity driven." Enfield says the term simply means MORryde's goal is to respond to the opportunities that customers present. "With or without a gas crises or reces- sion, we never stopped looking at ways to adapt and expand," he says. "In the 1990s we asked ourselves, 'What do we need to do to meet what our customers need?' In response, we became vertically integrated. By that, we mean that we began manufac- turing parts we use instead of having to buy them elsewhere. "We've had to invest in more facilities, more people and more responsibilities to keep up with that. We purchased equip- ment that allows us to fabricate metal parts in-house for the RV industry. We wanted to better serve our customers, increase quality, and increase turnaround time," he adds. "We don't want our customers needing to grow and we couldn't increase capacity. We call it opportunity driven (because) we want to meet the opportunities that our customers present to us." Still Proudly Made in the U.S.A. And while some other suppliers have opted to move production overseas in search of cost savings, MORryde has opted to keep its production stateside and to use U.S.-sourced parts whenever pos- sible. Beyond engendering goodwill with RV makers and end consumers, making products in America makes good business sense, according to Enfield. "We can condense the turnaround times, sometimes to overnight," he says of the production process. "We can make design changes quickly. Speed is a big deal. "Plus, we have shorter lead times. Also, we offer personalized customer service and problem resolution: Our retail customers can come onsite and we can resolve prob- lems right here," he adds. "We understand the market. We attend shows and talk to OEMs, dealers and retail customers all the time. "As far as technical assistance, we have people that make field calls every day. Our engineers are heavily involved. Whether it's a troubleshooting or installation issue, they're on the phones or they go on site with customers or attend events. They are a big part of technical assistance. They get firsthand insight into how our products are used." Yet another advantage of keeping production in the United States is that the company has better control over MORryde employees Brittany Bolenbaugh (left) Rachel Lovely check inventory in the company's massive storage facility area.

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