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124 • RV PRO • SEPTEMBER 2015 rv-pro.com M ost of us are our own worst enemy. We do things (or fail to do things) that sabotage our sales efforts. Take a look at this list and give yourself an honest appraisal. How many of these common mistakes have you made lately? 1. Not Greeting Prospects Properly Too many salespeople still greet prospects who walk into the dealership by asking some variation of "Can I help you?" Of course, the answer is almost always "No." (Although, that's not as bad as the sales- person I encountered once while mystery shopping who walked right past me and – without breaking stride – said, "You didn't need any help, did you?") Always welcome visitors to your dealership with a handshake and a smile. Introduce yourself and learn their names. And ask an open-ended question like, "What brings you in today?" 2. Pre-Judging Prospects Just because a person is wearing ratty jeans and an old T-shirt doesn't mean they can't afford a new top-of-the-line RV. I've heard dozens of stories about unkempt, shabbily-dressed people shopping for cars, boats and RVs who were completely ignored by the entire sales staff. And when a salesperson finally went over (usually a rookie who was ordered to do so), they discovered the person was actually fabu- lously wealthy. Researchers have discovered that we all make subconscious snap judgments about people based on their age, sex, race, hair, clothing, voice, and other factors. However, if you don't consciously overcome those snap judgments, they will lead you astray and cost you precious sales. Assume every person who drives onto your lot is a qualified buyer. Remind yourself that rich people 15 Mistakes That Are Hurting Your RV Sales Not greeting prospects properly, pre-judging prospects and confusing features with benefits are just some of the blunders that may be costing you business. DON COOPER The Sales Heretic – is an internationally acclaimed sales expert. He conducts seminars, trains sales teams and speaks at annual dealer meetings and industry conferences. For free articles, tips and other sales-boosting resources, visit www. DonCooper.com or contact Cooper directly at 303-832-4248 or Don@DonCooper.com. Pressuring prospects, fumbling objections, trying to close too soon and not asking for the sale are just a few pitfalls that prevent salespeople from making the sale.

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