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rv-pro.com September 2015 • RV PRo • 127 objection, they freak out, believing they've just lost the sale. In their panic, they fail to address the objection effectively. Or they dismiss the objection, hoping the prospect will think it's insignificant. Either way, that often leads to losing the sale. Figure out good answers to the most common objections you get and practice them so you'll know what to say when you hear them. That will dramatically reduce your anxiety level when your prospect raises the objection. 11. Cutting Price Too many salespeople cut the price of their vehicles needlessly. They believe price is the most important issue, so the only way to make the sale is to beat everybody else's price. If you don't know how to convey the unique value of your RV and your dealer- ship, then price is the only issue you have going for you. And that means you'll actu- ally lose the sale, more often than not. Understand and be able to communi- cate the full value of the RVs you sell as well as your dealership. Defend your price – don't cut it. 12. Not Attempting to Close Every manager at every dealership I have ever talked with has said the same thing: The No. 1 challenge their salespeople have is asking for the sale. Most salespeople are so uncomfortable with closing, they hope their prospect will simply ask to buy the vehicle – then they get frustrated and dejected when the prospect walks out of the dealership without doing so. Recognize that closing is your respon- sibility. You must always ask for the sale. If you're not good at it, there are plenty of seminars, books, and audio and video programs devoted to the subject. 13. Trying to Close Too Soon The few salespeople who do routinely ask for the sale frequently do it too soon. Many salespeople are taught to "Always Be Closing." But trying to close before the prospect is ready to buy leads to rejection. And once they've rejected you, you may not get another chance to close. Watch and listen carefully for buying signals from your prospect. When you get signals that indicate they're ready to buy, that's the time to close the deal. 14. Pressuring Prospects Nobody likes being pressured, but an awful lot of salespeople do it anyway. The fear of losing the sale is so great, they feel compelled to apply pressure to their pros- pects so they won't "get away." The more pressure you apply, however, the more likely your prospect is to run. Relax, be confident, and be professional. Take turns with your prospect leading the conversation. Get to know them on a per- sonal level. Make them laugh. Help them feel comfortable. 15. Forgetting to Follow Up Sales are rarely made on a prospect's first visit to a dealership. This means follow-up is crucial for ensuring the prospect returns and buys. Yet many salespeople neglect to follow up, forgoing an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with prospects. Enter every visitor – along with every phone and Internet contact – into your CRM. Then follow up regularly. And don't just ask if they're ready to come in again – be of value. Send articles on RVing, camping, fishing and any other interests your prospect mentioned to you. What to Do If you're guilty of making one or more of these mistakes regularly (or irregularly), don't beat yourself up too much. After all, they're extremely common, so you have lots of company. But do make a concerted effort to correct them, because they're interfering with your sales success. Read a book, go to a training seminar, or get some individual coaching. If you're a dealership manager or vice president of sales and you're concerned your people are making these mistakes, invest in some modern, practical sales training for them (preferably with training that's customized to the RV industry.) When you do, you'll see your sales increase. Make no mistake about it. (800) 232-2079 (715) 255-9332 Fax CanvasReplacements.com The Old is Gone... Look! The NEW Has Come. II Cor 5:17 • REPLACEMENT CANVAS FOR COLEMAN, JAYCO, STARCRAFT AND ALL OTHER POPUP BRANDS! • HECO AND C&R LIFT SYSTEMS! • F ULL L INE R ESTORATION A CCESSORIES! • S TILL P ROUDLY M ADE IN THE USA! Replacement Canvas Hard to Find Parts Vintage Camper Parts New Old Stock Parts Most Comprehensive Popup Parts Inventory in the USA! Get Camping! Since 1957, Canvas and Parts for Nearly Every Popup Camper Ever Made! 2490 SW Ferry St Albany, OR 97322 (888) 741-0259 www.simply-smarter.com SilverLeaf Electronics Great Aftermarket Products for Diesel Pushers Glass Dash A great aftermarket update to almost any diesel pusher. We have custom panels for many popular coaches so you can offer a factory-quality installation. Aladdin™ Replacement Orphaned by Monaco? No problem - we have the replace- ment. Installation is straightforward and covered by most extended warranties. Video Switching Our VMS350 can handle up to 7 cameras and 5 monitors and is fully programma- ble. It even doubles as an engine reader.

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