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152 | MAY + JUNE 2015 152 November 2012 TO A DV E R T I S E , C O N TAC T: S A L E S @ N S H O R E M AG .C O M O R 9 7 8 - 8 2 4 - 2 8 0 6 D E A D L I N E : O C T O B E R 9 T H DON'T MISS THESE EXCITING SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONS: D E C E M B E R FINANCIAL ADVISORS A profile of some of the region's most noted financial advisors with tips on how to maneuver through the market MENS HEALTH A guide to the issues that matter most to men, including fitness, nutrition, sports, grooming, and a holistic approach to caring for the male physique. 152 in-depth FACES Rubino turned his love for politics into a career that includes writing. media that, rather than being solely objective, caters to their own ideological beliefs," he says. "It's an echo chamber. Unless you're a critical thinker, you actu- ally believe that everything you're hearing is the truth and that the other side is either gravely misguided or deeply insidious." The parties have also shifted ideologically, Rubino points out. "At one point, the Republican party were the progressives and the Democrats were more conserva- tive," he says. "Now, at the congressional level at least, the conservative Democrats have all retired and been replaced by conservative Republicans, and the opposite has happened on the other side." With such a passion for politics burning in his heart, it's a wonder Rubino doesn't consider a career in poli- tics himself. But that, according to him, is not going to happen. "I'm just here as an observer of the process," he says. "I don't think I have the personality to run for public office. But I love the process—the trends, the his- tory; it's all exciting to me."

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