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28 | OCTOBER 2015 in Italy, there are the little grandmas who are nudging you out of the way. They, too, want to secure the best product for their table! HC: Where can you be found on your day off? CB: I am at a baseball game, watch- ing baseball, or listening to baseball. If I am home cooking dinner, a game is always on. If I am at the game, I am having a hotdog. WB: Other restaurants. I am a true foodie, and if there is a new thing coming around, then I want to be there. I am always around food. I bring my kids as well, as I want to ex- pose them to new cuisines and tastes. HC: Which dish on the menu best represents "cucina italiana?" CB: The pork or chicken saltim- bocca, the way it's done in Rome. It's a lighter version with a leaf of sage, a slice of crunchy, browned-up prosciutto, a wedge of lemon, and spinach. It's so simple, clean, light, and flavorful. The guests keep com- ing back for it. WB: For a lighter dish, the baked goat cheese salad—the mixture of texture and flavor complements perfectly. HC: Where do you go for fresh, lo- cally sourced ingredients? CB: Our greens come from Lettuce Be Local—the owner, Lynn Stromb- erg, goes directly to the farms and brings the freshest products to us. Sea to Table provides an online com- munity where we can see which boat at what port hauled what products on any given day. Our beef is from Andy Carbone. He raises amazing beef. Andy refuses to compromise. WB: The scallops are 100 percent New Bedford, the clams are from Ipswich, and of course Maine lobsters. Tonight, we have Georges Bank sole to offer. CONTACT Osteria Nino 19 Third Ave. Burlington 781-272-1600 Clockwise from above, pork saltimbocca, executive chef Walace Benica, and Chris Boswell. HC: If you were not in the food in- dustry, what else might you do? CB: I would work on the set of Satur- day Night Live. WB: General construction. I love it. HC: What is your libation of choice at the end of a long day? CB: A good cold glass of Verdicchio. WB: A nice cold Allagash White. photographs by Katie Noble (top and right), by Annie Schlechter (left) D I N E

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