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® SCORE JOURNAL C.E.O. Roger Norman MARKETING & SALES DIRECTOR PUBLISHER Jim Ryan EDITORIAL DS MEDIA LLC Dan Sanchez Rick Shandley Taylor Vlahos CONTRIBUTORS Barry Kluczyk Steven Romero GM SALES & DIGITAL OPERATIONS DerDiZ Media Inc. Todd Horne CREATIVE DIRECTOR DerDiZ Media Inc. Ashley Hanks Horne SCORE STAFF Dominic Clark, SCORE Media Operations SCORE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Art Eugenio COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Art Eugenio /GetStomePhoto PUBLISHED BY SCORE INTERNATIONAL OFF-ROAD RACING 465 South Meadows Parkway #6 Reno, NV 89w32222 2e;8d521, 775-852-8907. Cover and contents are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. 03 SCORE JOURNAL W e are now officially into the annual year-end blitz as we are preparing for the major shows in our marketplace, 2016 marketing programs and the most important item, the 2016 SCORE International season schedule, which are all in final stages after many months of planning. SCORE International will be on the road starting with our only US event, the Rigid In- dustries SCORE Imperial Valley 250, Septem- ber 24-27; Off-Road Expo, October 3-4; the SEMA Show and Baja 1000 Qualifier, Novem- ber 3-6; The Bud Light SCORE Baja 1000, November 18-21 and finally, the Performance Racing Industry show (PRI) in Indianapolis, IN for December 10-12. These events enable SCORE International to showcase what our motorsports area, Athletes/Teams and Sponsors are involved with and how much reach and impact that our legendary events bring to the world stage. These shows present exposure opportunities to the Off-Road Market with Off-Road Expo, the Automotive Industry with SEMA and the Racing Industry with PRI, which all ultimately help SCORE's future growth in the global motorsports and action lifestyle marketplace. We hope to see you at these events and to get your feedback on the future of SCORE International. This issue As always, this issue has a great cross section of the SCORE International universe, from historical vehicles, driver interviews, new race vehicle builds and current and future SCORE activities. Highlights in this issue include the all-imports Safety category, which the SCORE Journal reviews the #1 priority in the category, the latest in helmet technology and requirement with the new SA 2015 product standards and additional product review. The long recognized, ½ 1600 "Driver's Class", will be reviewed and showcased. This is perhaps one of the most important classes in not only SCORE's illustrious history but a key factor in its development of future championship drivers. Most of the current SCORE champions and legends can trace much of their success to the driving skills they developed in their initial years in this class. Learn more about these stories and what the future will bring to this class. Enjoy the Issue. Jim PREPARING FOR 2016 PUBLISHER'S NOTE

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