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September 25th ~ President Letter re:Greens

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September 25, 2015 I wish to give everyone a quick update on a visit this past Wednesday afternoon by USGA agronomist, Adam Moeller, in order to share with you some of his observations, comments and recommendations with respect to the current conditions of our greens. This meeting, attended by Dean Baker, Jeff Lockhart, Dave Dyson (Greens Committee Chair), Trevor Fackrell, David DeSaverio and several members of the Greens Committee was requested by Dean because of the visible weakening of the turf on our new greens over the last six or seven weeks. Together, we examined a number of greens with Adam to discuss his views as to how going forward we can best improve our turf quality. Some members have declared that the change to bentgrass greens will solve all our problems. What we can't forget though is that our new greens are not yet two years old and there will have to be some adjustments with our cultural practices moving forward. Adam reminded us that with respect to our newly sodded greens, it is important to remember that these are still new greens which are in the infancy stage of a three to four year maturation process. He went on to say that while he agreed that the greens were stressed, they are still relatively healthy given the late start of our growing season and the prolonged period of heat and dry weather over last three weeks of August and first week of September. During the remainder of his site visit we discussed recommendations to continue to improve our turf quality. A summary of the key recommendations are as follows: 1. Increasing sunlight penetration on our greens remains a significant factor affecting the long term health of our greens and Adam could not stress enough the importance of year round sunlight for strong bentgrass growth. He is familiar with the strides undertaken at BGCC regarding improved sunlight but remained focused on the many areas where we still have work to do. For your information this is also consistent with our 2016 plans for moving forward our Tree Program with efforts focused on improving sunlight on #2, 10 & 14 greens. 2. Continuing with the sod maturation process and more specifically firming up our greens were also identified as a high priority at this time. Cultural practices aimed at keeping thatch under control and continued attention to topdressings performed at regularly scheduled intervals even at the expense of some member play were deemed critical for future green health. A busy August and weather related issues in early September caused us to fall behind in our maintenance program. We will do our best not to let this happen in the future.

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