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BUSINESS WATCH 8 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 Ryonet Unveils 'Powering the Print' Manifesto VANCOUVER, Wash.—Ryonet is a company built around the world of screen printing, and as it recently undertook a brand revitalization effort, it closely examined that world: Who were its customers? What got them into screen printing? What are their likes and dislikes? What can Ryonet, as a company, do to serve them better? Out of those conversations came what the company calls its new manifesto: "Powering the Print." "Basically, it all boils down to Ryonet—as a company—we want to empower printing in people, and that's how education ties in, that's how all of our products tie in, how man- ufacturing ties in," says Jessica Marshall, spokeswoman for the company. "Everything that we do to empower, empowers people to screen print. So that's where 'Powering the Print' came from." The company held seven "Powering the Print" parties around the country recently at some of its partner locations, drawing more than 1,000 attendees. Company founder Ryan Moor introduced the concept in a video that was shown at each party and online. The parties were held simultaneously across all time zones, Marshall says. "Ryan did a pre-recorded video where he spoke about our brand and what we were trying to do—unifying screen printing culture, just really communicating the message of inspira- tion and power that screen printing has," Marshall tells Printwear. "Powering the Print" is not just a marketing campaign, Marshall stresses. Instead, it's a philosophy that the company—and it hopes its customers and partners—will embrace and celebrate. The company has launched an employee-themed website,, where it seeks to reflect the passion that the "RyoNation," as they call themselves, feel for screen printing, and it invites the public to visit and participate in the fun. Even more than just fun, screen printing can be a powerful form of self-expression, as well as play a key role in a person's financial success. "One of our registration requirements [for the party] was for people to tell us how screen printing has impacted their life, because that's really what 'Powering the Print' is about," Marshall says. "And one of them mentioned that their young child had just been diagnosed with cancer, and that was very difficult, the burden of medical bills. But they mentioned that through screen printing they have been able to chip away at those medical bills outside of work. … It was really exciting to hear that." Tennessee Screen Printer Partners with Veterans Agency BRENTWOOD, Tenn.—-Image Connection LLC, a uniform and embroidered apparel shop, announces that it has partnered with the nonprof- it. We Are Building Lives Foundation. We Are Building Lives, which serves homeless military veterans, will pro- vide contract screen printing services to Image Connection, which sells screen printed and decorated apparel to businesses, schools, and organizations. This new arrangement will provide an additional revenue stream for We Are Building Lives, as well as provide new skills and employment opportunities for the program's participants. The We Are Building Lives Foun - dation was founded by a group of Middle Tennessee business leaders who recognized the severity of Nash- ville's homeless veterans' situation. It is reported that more than 20 percent of the city's homeless are honorably discharged veterans. We Are Building Lives assists them by providing one- on-one mentoring, health and psy- chological care referrals, employment, transportation, housing, and financial education. Image Connection is a Nashville-ar- ea supplier of uniforms, decorated apparel and promotional products, with direct sales in Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas. They are also a leading online supplier of uniforms and decorated apparel products. While much of their garment decorating is currently being done in-house, the We Are Building Lives Foundation will now be the primary contractor for screen printed T-shirts. In addition to the contract service, plans are in place for Image Connection to begin selling patriotic themed T-shirts with the proceeds supporting the Building Lives program.

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