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96 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 Why are rhinestones falling off my shirts? There are four things you can do to find out why this is happening. First, check your heat press calibration. Just because your heat press says 300 degrees doesn't mean it is accurate. Check your calibration on a month- ly basis. In other words, use a tem- perature gauge to make sure the actual temperature is what the screen says. You also need to account for pressure. If you are using multiple stone sizes, you may be getting uneven pressure. Use an additional pad under your press to allow for more even pressure across the top. Next is to address the garment itself. Is it treated with any chemicals? Are you working with a new material? If so, test the design on a shirt you know works to verify that it's not the stones. Lastly, test the stones themselves. Be sure to use stones you know have worked in the past on this same garment. Of course, you should always review manufacturer in- structions to verify nothing has changed regarding temperature and time. If you take these steps, you will solve every case of rhinestones falling off your garments. These same steps can be used to test any heat-applied decorating materials. MARC VILA, COLMAN & CO. Heat Transfers & Sublimation There are several steps you can take to keep rhinestones from falling off. (Image courtesy Colman & Co.) Q & Q & Q A & A &

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