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For more on the suppliers featured in this section, please see website and phone information following each product. 102 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 THE LATEST APPLIQUÉ SCISSORS American embroidery supply offers the Clauss Gold Line 4" appliqué scissors, style 718, which feature 24K gold-plated bows and shanks of fine-grade cutlery steel. The thin, needle-sharp points are designed for delicate cutting and trimming without damaging material. The curved blades also help avoid cutting unwanted areas. Visit: | Call: 888-518-6522 HEAVYWEIGHT CUTAWAY Cotswold offers a 2.5-oz. non-woven cutaway stabilizer for headwear. It is made using the wet-laid process for multi-directional stability and density. The tear-away is dense enough to handle high stitch count designs and be removed cleanly, and it can be laundered or dry-cleaned. Lubricants are added to the stabilizer to aid in needle glide. It comes in rolls that are 4" wide at 200 yards, 23" wide with 100 yards, and 46" wide in 100- and 200-yard rolls. Visit: | Call: 877-309-3553 DIGITAL CAP PRESS Model 418, the digital cap press from Insta Graphic Systems, has curved platens to mirror the curves on the brims and bills of hats for heat transfers. It can also be used to print logos and back-neck labels onto flat garments. The machine is portable and has a compact design for use in either a home or retail environment. Visit: | Call: 800-421-6971 SECOND AMENDMENT DESIGNS The Wild Side introduces a variety of new designs geared toward pro-gun enthusiasts. A few of the new graphics include messages like, "Gun control is hitting the target," "Girls with Guns," and "Less Talk, More Bolt Action." The transfers are made of high-definition plastisol that can be applied in eight seconds at 390–400 degrees F using maximum pressure. They can be applied to light and dark garments made of cotton and 50/50 blends. Visit: | Call: 800-421-3130 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK VINYL Coastal Business Supply carries the Siser EasyWeed glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl, which "charges" in the light and glows when exposed to darkness. Durable, CPSIA-compliant, and phthal- ate- and lead-free, the vinyl is matte and white. It is made of 3.5mm polyurethane film with pres- sure-sensitive backing and can make multicolored designs with a flexible, soft hand. It can be applied to cotton, polyester, or blends of the two. It is available in 20" wide 5-, 10-, 25-, and 50-yard rolls. Visit: | Call: 800-562-7760

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