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2 0 1 5 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 23 shirts decorated with both inkjet and laser prints that have seen more than 20 home washings and it is difficult to discern between inkjet and laser, although I do believe pigment inks have a slight edge over dye-based in the wash. However, printers are continuing to advance and make improvements. There are many new inkjet printers coming to market, including the new Epson EcoTank series of printers, which caught my eye. These machines have received favorable press in Europe where they were first introduced. The EcoTank line is unique in that it has a refillable ink tank and comes packaged with bottles of ink that are the equivalent of about 20 ink cartridge sets. With a scanner and wireless printing, the ET-2550 looks like a natural for heat transfer production. Although it is only an 8.5" X 11" printer and a bit pricey up front, the ink replenishment technology should offer the small-scale decorator a measure of security. designed for dye-based ink systems. The dyes used in most early inkjet printer inks exhibited signs of fading or color shifts after a short period of time. It is necessary for the paper to receive the inkjet image from the printer and lock up the dyes. Washability is directly proportional to the paper chemistry's ability to lock up the dye. Most quality inkjet heat transfer papers will provide ade- quate wash results with dye-based inks. Many newer printers use pigment inks for print life and color stability. In theory, pigment inks should provide increased durability on inkjet heat transfer papers, as well. There are, of course, drawbacks. Pigment inks are more expensive, not as bright, and have a reduced gamut in comparison to dye-based inks. Most of the printers I talk to use dye-based inks, and the chem- istry of papers are more likely to delaminate from improper appli- cation than premature wash out in normal home washings. I have sublimate in top gear With the new Roland Texartâ„¢ RT-640 dye-sublimation printer plus Texart ink, transfer paper and ErgoSo Roland Edition RIP, you get the ultimate in performance for your apparel sublimation needs. Texart delivers quality, productivity and value that will put your business on the fast track. Learn more at

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