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2 0 1 5 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 61 The little extras, or perhaps big extras, that you can offer your clients may be what gets you the job in the end. An optional extra may be as simple as creating an order form that allows a group of customers to eas- ily order the promotional items clients want. A larger extra would be to stock promotional wearables for a corporate client and create a website for that cli- ent's employees or customers to make purchases. Extras are simply additional services beyond decorating the wear- able items that can make life easier for your customers. The extra things you do will benefit your business by mak- ing buying easier for your customer, this makes it more likely that they will place orders and generate more reve- nue for your shop. When it comes to wearables, anoth- er way to find a market that interests you is to be aware of the latest trends, and figure out if and how those will fit in with your existing business. For instance, one of the latest trends in the market right now is wearable electronics and tech items. Fitbits, GoPros and other items of wearable tech may be out of the reach for some consumers at the moment, but pric- es will come down just as they have for other gadgets. Figuring out ways to put promotional info on these items, or meth- ods of tying these items to promotional wearables that you already sell—exercise clothing and a Fitbit for example—could open up another profit center, and place your business at the forefront of an ongo- ing trend. Wearable tech is likely to become more and more prevalent, so considering how you can incorporate it into your promotional wearables programs now could keep you from being left behind as the trend peaks. The main thing to remember with promotional wearables is not to limit yourself. Diversifying the equipment in your shop can allow you to offer a wider array of promotional wear- ables. Working with multiple suppli- ers will give you access to the widest range of wearables for decorating and will help ensure the best pricing for the wearables you purchase. Keeping up on trends and being aware of new options for decoration and wearables as soon as those items hit the market will help keep your decorated offer- ings current, and position your shop as a trendsetter. By not just settling for hats or T-shirts, you can expand your market possibilities and capital- ize on what's unique about your area or niche. After evaluating what decoration techniques you want to offer, purchase the necessary equipment to do goods be- yond Ts. (Image courtesy Decal Press) Promotional wearables are anything that can act as a promotion for a corporation, company, club, or group. (Image courtesy Choice Custom Apparel LLC, Appleton, Wis.)

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