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Apparel not to allow damages to goods, the company cannot be responsible for customer-supplied goods in the event of needle breaks, operator error, etc. It should also state that the compa- ny is not responsible for customer-supplied goods affected by theft, acts of nature, fire, etc. Be sure to have the customer check off a box on the order form that indicates the pol- icy was read. As long as you supply the gar- ments and the embroidery, the customer is protected from any damage incurred during the embroidery process. When embroidering on customer-supplied apparel, also consider raising your price by 20–30 percent to cover the loss of profit from marking up the wholesale apparel. LIZ BEAVERS, GSG Can I etch on denim and if so, what kind of laser do you need to do jeans? In general, etching on denim bleaches out the color to produce a lighter or white color on the etched areas. Most types of denim etch well, but you will find that solid-color denim looks better than the variegated type that has white threads running through it. For this application, galvanometric is the preferred type of laser. This type of laser is available as a laser bridge or standalone type. Laser plotters—which are older technolo- gy—also can be used, but you risk damag- ing the fabric because of the sharpness of the beam. In addition to etching a logo, name, or shape into denim, it also is a great way to cre- ate the distressed look. Lasers are often used to add "whiskers" to the natural crease areas of jeans as well as other worn effects. Distressed effects can vary from light etching onto the fabric to deep hole penetration, which when combined together, creates a shredded effect on the jeans. ED BALADY, BITO Q&A Galvanomet- ric lasers can create unique etched den- im designs or trendy dis- tressed looks. (Image cour- tesy Bito) 78 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 Q & Q & Q A & A &

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