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2 0 1 5 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 83 How do I find my target market? Like millions of decorators out there many shops struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors who offer the same goods to the same potential customers. This is why branding is so important to a company's success. Having a brand identifies who you are and your niche. It is crucial to identify yourself and who your target market is. Look at your customer base; who is your audience? What and why are they buying from you? Look for common interests. What is your typical customer like? What are their demo- graphics? Small companies can effectively compete with large companies by just targeting their niche market. Next, study your competitors. Who are their customers? You don't necessarily have to go after the same market, but you may find a niche that they are missing or that's weak. If your brand identity isn't strong, then there is a weak link between you and your audience. Defining your target takes a lot of researching with trial and error, but once you know who you're targeting, it will increase potential and repeated sales. IVY MAI, KAVIO! There's too much info to sift through. What's the quickest way to find out the newest screen and dig - ital printing techniques? Trade publications, like Printwear, arm apparel decorators with all of the industry's need-to-know tips and tools. I also recommend searching your fa- vorite suppliers' YouTube channels for step-by-step training videos and prod- uct reviews. GREGORY MARKUS, RHINOTECH Q&A

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