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84 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 Why are my screens not ex- posing properly, and why do I keep getting pinholes? While there are many variables to consid- er, I always try to narrow down the prob- lem areas, starting with the emulsion itself. First, how old is it? Shelf life between brands ranges widely, but it's recognized that diazo emulsions maintain integrity for about two months, and pre-sensitized emulsions have a shelf life of around one year. Newcomers to screen printing need to make sure that the positive is between the light source and the frame, not on the other side of the frame; this happens more often than peo- ple might think. Finally, pinholes can ap- pear after exposing screens if frames aren't degreased properly or thoroughly, which is absolutely necessary to remove debris and oils from the mesh after handling. TIM CONSILVIO, COMMERCIAL SCREEN SUPPLY Do you have any tips for reg- istering multiple screens for a print job? When registering screens for a multi color job, always take into consideration the direction in which the squeegee will be pulled. Use the black or other dark-color screen to register the design onto a light colored fabric, and the white or light-color screen to register on dark fabrics. Be sure to center the design so that it will be centered on the final garment, or if it is to be printed in a special location (e.g. left chest), that it is placed correctly. Test print the screen to a fabric or pellon, then register the other colors to that test print. A tip for this: register the screen slightly toward the area where the squeegee is coming from—top to hem or hem to top, whichever way the squeegee is usually pulled. You will have more success in hitting perfect registration the first time. KIETH STEVENS, INTERNATIONAL COATINGS Screen Printing Gas and conveyor dryers have different advantages depending on budget, capacity, and floor space. (Image courtesy Vastex International) Consider the squeegee's direction to get better registration on multicolored prints. (Image courtesy International Coatings) Q & Q & Q A & A &

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