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2 0 1 5 O C T O B E R P R I N T W E A R || 85 How do I maximize my EOM (Emulsion Over Mesh) per- centage? Our studies have shown that coating screens with a 2:2 technique will give a con- sistent result. The 2:2 technique means two coats out- side, two coats inside, with extra pressure applied to the last stroke on the inside of the screen. This pushes the most volume of emulsion to the shirt side of the screen, and the coating procedure should yield around 15–18 percent EOM. RAY SMITH, POLYONE What's the difference between white and yellow mesh? Yellow mesh will not reflect light in the way that white mesh does. This becomes more of a concern when you're dealing with fine details in a design. This is why lower mesh counts (used for low detail) tend to use a white mesh, and higher mesh counts (for more detail) use yellow mesh to prevent light refraction from occurring and com- promising the quality of the stencil on your screen. JOSH MANFREDI, RYONET What are the differences be- tween servo drive and pneu- matic automatic presses? Roughly 50 percent of presses on the market have pneumatic drives and 50 percent have servo. The drive mechanism is what rotates the press around. A lot of people confuse the drive mechanism with registration, but how well a press registers is independent of its drive mechanism. Yellow and white mesh reflect light differently which affects the level of detail each can produce. (Image courtesy Ryonet) Refilling Made Easy 1.800.538.5069 New packaging from Franmar makes refilling a snap. Franmar's products are THE Safe, Effective, & Low Odor Cleaning Solutions for All Your Screen Printing Needs

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