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94 || P R I N T W E A R O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 What types of color laser toner transfer papers are available for garments and what are the basic differenc - es between them? Laser toner transfer papers are available as regular color laser copier papers and two-step self-weeding papers. Both types can be one- or two-paper systems. Regular color laser toner papers have an adhesive that bonds the design to a shirt, which covers most of the sheet of trans- fer paper. This type of paper is typically used on white shirts. However, unless the graphic extends to the very edge of this adhesive "box," there is a visible coating surrounding the design. To minimize this effect, trim the design close to its edge with a pair of scissors or using a cutter with an optical eye that contour-cuts around the design. There also is a regular color laser paper for dark shirts called laser opaque paper. With these papers, you print on a white background, and again cut it with a pair of scissors or a cutter. The white background is then transferred with the image to the garment. Self-weeding color laser transfer papers are more expensive, but less labor-intensive. They also come in a one-paper and two-pa- per system. The one-paper system can be used for lights and darks, but for best re- sults, it is recommended only for lights. The two-paper system is more expensive than the one paper and is recommended for dark shirts to get the best-looking print. Ideally, you will have samples showing how a design on a dark shirt looks with a one-pa- per and a two-paper system and let the cus- tomer decide which quality is preferred. The advantage of both types of self-weeding papers is that the adhesive sticks only where there is toner printed. This means that you will not need to trim a design, and it will not look like it is contained in a box. JIM TENHOLDER, IMAGING WAREHOUSE SUPPLIES Heat Transfers & Sublimation Laser opaque paper or the two-paper system are most ideal for dark garments. (Image courtesy The Wild Side) Q & Q & Q A & A &

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