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44 FALL 2015 O FTENTIMES, WHEN IT COMES TO SCREENING IN the landscape, people opt for a fortress-like barrier—one species planted around the pe- rimeter, six to eight feet on center. Sure, that's one way to go, but it's not the most imaginative, and it can lead to problems. Wherever there's a monoculture, there's risk of losing any number of its members (or even the whole lot) to disease, pests, or environmental stressors. And what an eyesore to have holes in that green wall; finding matching replacement plants is nearly impos- sible, and waiting for new additions to catch up in size can be frustrating. There are better options. Whenever possible, choose a planting scheme that will result in a naturalistic screen. Determining a design likely to succeed is context dependent. For expansive estate properties with acre- age of open space, for instance, mixed masses of both deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs add struc- ture, while perennials lend seasonal interest. The occa- sional specimen tree—preferably one with year-round interest—is a nice addition when situated so as to pro- vide a "punctuation" or focal point. Multiple staggered rows of trees and shrubs will comprise an attractive barrier that not only gives definition to the landscape but also serves as a windbreaker, which is a desirable attribute on large, almost park-like properties. (In fact, looking to Olmsted-designed parks for inspiration in terms of plant selection and layout can be fruitful.) A standard suburban lot—where utility lines, walk- ways, driveways, roads, and zoning requirements are immediate considerations—lends itself nicely to a mix of smaller ornamental trees and mid-size shrubs planted Intimate courtyard settings and small urban spaces are well suited for dense and diverse plantings that provide privacy. cultivate

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