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November 2015 The Shop 107 Shop ToolS & equipmenT A HUNT FOR GOOD DEALS I sat down with Cook and picked his brain about shop equipment. Like most of us, Cook bought equip- ment as time went on, finding out what was truly needed before making any purchases. He keeps up with the latest informa- tion on shop equipment and tools through magazines and car shows. He spends a good amount of time walking around at car shows and swap meets, checking out vendor booths, talking to reps or people who recommend a better tool and/or a better way to do a task. He is always on a hunt for good deals on parts and tools. Cook recently bought a used eight-foot sheet-metal brake at an auction. In fact, with the exception of things like spray guns, most of the tools and equipment Cook buys are used—and much of it is bought at auction. Especially since most of what Cook buys is not used every day, he tries to spend as little as possible, but still get a quality item. In fact, buying used equipment gives him the opportunity to get a high-quality brand for a reasonable price. As for finding good used equipment? Cook has used Craigslist and eBay, but says he finds the best deals at auctions. He gets flyers from the auction companies, but he might go to 10 auctions and only make a purchase at one or two of them. He limits himself to auctions within a three-hour driving radius. He says the one thing to remember about buying used equipment is to do your research. Know what you are looking at. Be aware of what wears out. Can that worn bearing be replaced? Is there too much play on certain parts? This is where it comes in handy to know what you are looking for and not make an impulse purchase. When asked about his best bargain pur- chases, Cook talks about how much he enjoys his Hypertherm Powermax Plasma cutting system. He likes that it cuts up to a half-inch, can easily cut out any shape and speeds up any cutting process. The Pow- ermax gets a good deal of use at Vintage November 2015 The Shop 107 While all of the proj- ects at Vintage Cars are special, Butch Cook and the crew are very excited about this 1937 Packard. They've been working on this total frame-off for a while and it's been a very long road to this point. They've even rebuilt the original V-12. You never know what you'll find in the building at Vintage, like this bubbletop and the classics under wraps behind it. Here's the drivetrain for a '38 Mercury all ready to go, assembled on the frame. The 5-liter Coyote engine is not what most people expect to see in an old Merc.

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