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110 The Shop November 2015 Shop ToolS & equipmenT tance of proper maintenance. "Buy that good equipment and take care of it and it will last you a long time." All too often, a shop owner and staff gets busy keeping projects on schedule and don't consider the condition of a piece of equip- ment until they're about to use it. People don't think about changing the air compressor oil or the air filter until it starts making a noise. For equipment that needs regular main- tenance, schedule it on a calendar. NEW ADVENTURES And Cook does not buy it unless he can pay for it all at once. He does not finance equipment or tools. When I asked Cook how long he was in business before it became profitable, he replied that he's still waiting. He doesn't do this for the money or to get rich. He and his crew of six do this because they love it. He loves going into work each day and playing with cars. Each day is a new adven- ture and the two or three completed res- torations that roll out of the shop each year show just how much passion goes into these incredible creations. As for buying new equipment, it all depends on what it is and how much it costs. For example, if Cook finds a good deal on something that he had been thinking about, he'll buy it. He isn't swayed by the latest innovations; he is the opposite of an impulse buyer. He has a very methodical approach to working on shop projects and this carries over into the way he runs his business: he is never in a hurry. There is an old Southern saying, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." And that is the way things are done at Vintage Cars: everything in its due course. JoAnn Bortles is an award winning custom painter, air- brush artist, welder/fabricator, tech writer, and photojour- nalist with over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. She is the author of seven books on automotive, motorcycle, and custom painting. Her work has been featured in numerous automotive and motorcycle publications, NBC News, The Today Show, MuscleCar TV and Motor City Masters. She also serves on SEMA's SBN Select Committee. JoAnn owns Crazy Horse Custom Paint. Southern Fried C o m m o n S e n S e Here's a rare vehicle, a 1937 Cord, a real one. Vintage is redo- ing the suspension and has installed an LS3 motor. It is getting the car running for the customer, who wants to drive it for a while. Then it will go back into the shop for body and paint. 7501 Commerce Drive • Weston, WI 54476 • 715-355-8842 • T H E M O S T R E S P E C T E D N A M E I N A L U M I N U M S T O R A G E CARTS CABINETS & DRAWERS CTECH does ORGANIZATION with style, if you want to work EFFICIENCY and IMPRESS your clients we've got you covered.

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