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116 The Shop November 2015 Technology & elecTronicS great amount of interactivity," he reports. "Internet-based apps and cellphones play a large role in the market today, and head units must keep pace with their techno- logical flexibility. Album art and thumbs up/down for Internet Radio, remotely 'liking' messages on social media, or finding reviews and contact information on a local restaurant are now all possible—and all expected—in the world of mobile infor- mation." Works Well With others But ICE is sometimes pretty tricky. The letter I, which usually stands for in, as in in-car, can also stand for integration of features into the car or truck. That is, will this all work together—between original equipment, aftermarket equipment, and even among different aftermarket brands? Sticking with that theme, the C for car can also stand for communication. Specifi- cally, how car owners can communicate with their equipment in a two-way con- versation like Myers spoke about. Plus, communication requires connec- tivity, another C word. Finally, with ICE being pretty much a moving target, the last version of the letter C stands for change, as in making changes. These changes work just like changes to any other part of a car's driveline or sus- pension—it's an improvement, but the opportunity exists that it will also affect the performance of a different system. So, ICE upgrades—while offering plenty of new options—can make their own installations even more complex. Which begs the question: in general, does advanced technology make installations easier, or more complex? Bontrager says yes to both. "Some are getting more difficult; some are getting easier. Our plug-and-play remote start systems that are CAN-based In some cases, companies will offer turnkey products for specific vehicle makes and models, providing OEM-quality looks and performance while eliminating guesswork for installation shops. (Photo courtesy KICKER) (Photos courtesy MITO Corp.) (Photo courtesy Kicker)

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