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118 The Shop November 2015 Technology & elecTronicS allow for a much quicker and easier install time. On the other hand, some integra- tion products require a much more delicate touch if they require circuit boards to be inserted into factory components, requiring more time and skill to be installed." Either way, Myers believes that, overall, the installs are at least becoming more predictable. "With the evolution of DSP processors and products that integrate easily into existing systems, it is getting easier than many would guess," he says. "Having access to the Internet to do research on stock audio systems, such as if and where ampli- fiers are located and what the wire colors are for the system, are all very helpful." Here to Help In fact, our sources believe the Internet has done much to open up the world of ICE to more professionals. From schematics and online instructions to contact informa- tion for specialists, there's less of a chance of running into a problem that no one can solve. With constantly changing products and technology, mustering the courage to jump A utumn is a great time to check in on the latest advancements in in-car electronics, as many companies are rolling out new products for the trade show season. Crimestopper, a 12-volt aftermarket electronics specialist offering vehicle security, remote start systems and safety products, is among those ready to show off what's new. The company is unveiling gadgets including blind spot detection systems, DVR, mirror monitors, back-up cam- eras, remote start systems, security sys- tems, as well as the Hydroblast Washer Fluid Heating System this fall. "Crimestopper is dedicated to pro- viding motorists with the most advanced remote start and early warning systems available in today's marketplace," says Alvin Klement, national sales manager, security & safety products. "Addition- ally, we are pleased to offer our dealers and distributors a wide array of mer- chandising solutions, lucrative pro- grams, and advanced tools to manage their business with us." Meanwhile, KICKER Performance Audio's Q-Class interactive displays fea- turing KICKER L7 subwoofers, QS-series components and IQ-series amplifiers are shipping nationwide. Amps, subwoofers and separates are included in the 7-foot display, which boasts 1,500 watts of RMS power. It also fea- tures a large LCD screen with interactive videos directly linked to but- tons on the board. When not in active use, the display also serves as a silent salesman. "It's hard to give an accurate, presentable demo because you don't always know what source you're starting with," says Kip Litsey, associate marketing director of business-to-business for KICKER and the primary architect of the displays. "We use an uncompressed .wav file, and with no head unit in the system, so you know you're always getting the same experience every single time. If someone wants to use their own music in the display, we include the (KICKER) IQI module (a Bluetooth accessory to KICKER IQ-series amplifiers) to pair a phone or tablet and stream their own music." And Southfield, Michigan-based auto- motive aftermarket supplier Brandmotion is set to unveil several cutting-edge vehicle safety and convenience products, high- lighted by an advanced 360-degree camera system that provides drivers a seamless, real-time image of what's around their vehicle, according to the company. "We've pioneered many advance- ments in rear cameras since 2009, and this is clearly the next logical step for advancing driver and pedestrian safety," says Jeff Varick, Brandmotion president. The system includes a combination of four cameras and advanced imaging software working in tandem to provide a video feed on the vehicle's display radio. Utilizing a flush-mount camera pod mounted under each exterior mirror, a front- facing and a rear-facing camera, the software program can stitch their images together to gen- erate a bird's eye view of the vehicle. Brandmotion is cur- rently designing vehicle- specific kits for pickups and the Jeep Wrangler, Varick says. product debuts A new camera system offers drivers a real-time, 360-degree view of what's around the vehicle. (Photos courtesy Brandmotion) Crimestopper's two-way, single-button remote start system has a range of up to 2,500 feet. (Photo courtesy Crimestopper)

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