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120 The Shop November 2015 Technology & elecTronicS additional customization upgrades as well. "Many next level stereo shops add other services like window tint, alarm instal- lation, custom fiberglass and subwoofer enclosure construction—even custom lighting and embroidery onsite," Myers explains, recognizing the add-on sales possibilities. "These all require new skills and additional tools, but are significant moneymakers." To get there, Bontrager notes, shops may need to up their training—an investment that often pays off down the line, and cre- ates an atmosphere of constant learning that customers and employees view favor- ably. "Shops need to embrace new technology. A predictable routine provides accuracy and dependability, but with most installs today, things can change quickly, requiring you to adapt. If shops don't embrace or adapt, they will be leaving valuable money on the table in an industry that seems to be shrinking," he says. "New technology and methods can be hard to embrace sometimes, but getting one step ahead of the industry or a competitor will provide valuable dividends in the future of your business." Do we dare say that offering ICE prod- ucts is cool? At least we know that, when done right, the market can generate cold, hard cash.

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