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November 2015 The Shop 125 hoT Rod & CuSTomizaTion JUDGING CRITERIA According to Michaelis, there's no real secret to restoring a Corvette. "Parts are readily available in cata- logs," he points out. "All it takes is some basic fiberglass work, some re-chroming and basecoat/clearcoat paint." Michaelis says the need for a fac- tory-accurate restoration "depends on the venue where the car is going to be shown. At an NCRS (National Corvette Restorers Society) show, originality counts. At Barrett-Jackson, people buy 'bling.'" He believes that consistency and "timely, honest billings" earn a shop repeat customers. Michaelis is no fan of resto-mods. "I think it's a fad, like three taillights in the '60s," he says. "In my book, for every one that's done, there's one less original car out there." He guesses that a resto-mod-style restoration is probably easier than doing a factory-correct car and notes there are no judging criteria. Corvette high-performance guru Ken Lingenfelter (www.lingenfelter. com) says the Corvette niche is doing well from his perspective. "I think it is due to there being so many baby boomers involved," he explains, "and the fact that so many of them wanted to own a Corvette at some point in their life." Lingenfelter, who collects Corvettes himself, thinks restorations are being done on all year Corvettes. "It solely depends on the age of the owner and which Corvette he liked over the years. For example, C5 Corvettes are very affordable to people who would not have been able to afford them years ago." Lingenfelter believes that Corvette clubs across the country are one of the best ways to network with owners who Some experts feel it is not worth restoring a '78 Corvette unless it is an Indy Pace Car like these two. Note that the pace car decals came in the trunk. WE DON'T JUST INSURE CARS. We insure garages, too. Grundy. Inventors of Agreed Value insurance. Protecting collectible automobiles since 1947. Car restoration and construction is expensive and tricky. But insuring your business against loss need not be. Grundy now offers our legendary protection not just for the products America's automotive shops produce, but for the shops themselves. We understand the liabilities you face not only when you build a car, but also when the proud owners of your creations put them on the road. We protect your garage, the cars you are working on, your tools and equipment, and the building and its contents with "All Risk" property policies. So call Grundy today and protect your business, yourself, and your customers. e insurance experts at Grundy can economically cover your liability for accidents or negligent workmanship. 866-338- 4006

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