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November 2015 The Shop 23 "There's something special about having a build that very few people have." She believes popular racing series like Formula Drift have contributed to an increase of Nissan 240SX's being restored for both drift and show. "Other models include Nissan Skylines, Datsun 240Zs, Toyota Supras, and of course the Honda EG," says Morales. Trends "Functional design," says Gracida, "is always a huge selling point. Our R&D department is always looking at subtle changes that answer frequent consumer questions—especially with our ram air hoods and heat extractor hoods—about extracting heat from the engine bay or having more air driven to the air box. But it's also driven by the desire to make the car look very sleek and performance-driven." Subtle influences seem to keep designers in check, preventing the gaudy and garish from taking over their projects. "We don't want to look too aggressive and take away from the car's factory lines," Gracida continues. "We design off the OE lines and incorporate the original design with subtle changes that really make people turn and think twice about whether the car comes off the lot like that or if it's an additional aftermarket product. It's that 'sleeper' look." Car builders are becoming more aware of the benefits of carbon fiber, believes Morales. "We've seen an increase in car builders taking advantage of the benefits of dry carbon products," she notes, "cre- ating extraordinary weight savings, product stiffness, and strength, making them most adequate for serious race usage." Functional design is always a huge selling point in the sport compact market. (Photo courtesy RKSport) ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS

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