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24 The Shop November 2015 But it's not just important to maintain factory lines or keep the weight down; with many, it's the look that comes with the motorsport scene that seems to be in style and it's becoming even trendier with upscale car owners. "The market is open to playing with these sort of cars," says Pak." With the ATS, it's a lot of motorsport tuner look, carbon fiber body kits and accessories like that." Pak believes that Cadillac's racing pro- gram has a huge influence on what drives that segment of the aftermarket. "I think it trickles backward. Seeing the actual manufacturer racing Cadillac's flag in a world challenge makes people realize this car is going head-to-head with Ferraris, Porsche G3s—even Bentley put out a car this year. So to be champ four of five years is a huge influence, because people now know these cars can go fast. And they want to look, live and feel that life that those guys in factory racing have on the track." Besides the racetrack, another key factor is social presence and celebrity influence. "There's no doubt that movies and social media have an influence on styling," says Morales. "Movies like The Fast and the Furious attract many enthusiasts and help bring awareness to certain trends and styles. Social media is huge these days and its reach is tremendous! Enthusiasts can easily stay-up-to-date with builds from all over the world and discover upgrades they would have never imagined." But trends, especially nowadays, are not always in plain sight, on TV or maga- zines, or even on Facebook. Instead, there's some evidence that trends move through the underground, by word of mouth or underground Web forums. "It's like an anti-culture," Moulton says, "which is how it was with the Scion grassroots campaign when the Scion was first introduced in the U.S. in California. We had started a Scion car club here in California and within three years, we had club chapters established all the way to the East Coast before the Scion brand was that well-known out there. The buzz was all being generated via Internet forums and word-of-mouth." ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS What do your customers VALUE? Innovative Solutions. Trusted Brands. …and a Little Fun! Come see us at SEMA Booth #37075 Automotive Accessories (800) 356-7704 Photo courtesy Neil Tjin, Tjin Edition Road Show

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