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November 2015 The Shop 25 Meeting the DeManD "These modifications aren't your typical bolt-ons," says Tjin, "plus many new car buyers won't do these types of modifica- tions; they're more likely to be done by owners with older cars." But a growing trend is that new car dealers are taking a more proactive role in their own aftermarket accessories program; and if various styling elements haven't made the journey all the way from cutting edge aftermarket designers like Tjin to the fac- tory, many dealers have an active accesso- ries department and are connected to an extensive network of restyling shops that specialize in various types of aftermarket products and installations to get the job done. D3's accessory program, for example, "is an LLP, which means a dealer can sell it without fear of having to nix the warranty on the car," says Pak. "We've seen both situations," says Gra- cida. "We'll ship product to a custom shop that works directly with dealerships; or a dealership has an aftermarket division where they finance additional accessories to the vehicle and add that into the car package." That is the case with Moulton, whose role at Norm Reeves Ford is to be a "con- cierge" to the dealership's customers. He works from a highly visible accessory area with plenty of displays inside the dealer- ship. "They see I'm always available; I've got product I can sell; I've got cars that actu- ally have preloads with accessories already installed, so they're not just looking at a book or a website." Moulton says he works with a network of vendors as an "expediter" so that customers only have one person to go to. "I'm using local custom shops and ven- dors; in return that helps the custom shops and vendors because some usually don't have a public storefront. They are able to work on-site or ship the products here that we install. This keeps our customers coming back to us and we can document the history. Plus, with all the regulations, they like working with dealerships because they know it's guaranteed work coming in. They don't have to advertise as much and they don't have the same liability as they would with a public storefront." It's a win for customers as well, who build up a rapport with the dealership, where all the services and accessory instal- lations are documented—an important consideration if a warranty issue comes up. Overall, Longfellow believes the fringe sport compact market that emerged 25 years ago is still robust, growing—and not just in the U.S. market. "Outside the U.S., the sport compact is alive and doing well in Latin America because it's a smaller market and the cars aren't as wild as they are here in the U.S.," he says. "The market is evolving here within the States as well. As cars from the factory get hotter looking, it forces the designers to do more to appeal to car owners who want to upgrade, which gives rise to more elaborate designs." ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS REFUELING TANKS REPLACEMENT FUEL TANKS IN-BED AUXILIARY FUEL TANKS With over 30 years of engineering and manufactur- ing fuel tank systems, some of the best and biggest companies trust Transfer Flow to help fuel their success. We can do the same for your company! We offer a complete line of fuel tank systems for you and your customers: refueling tanks, larger replacement tanks, and in-bed auxiliary tanks. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are CARB and DOT legal, come with all parts to install, and include our 24/7 customer tech support. Start fueling your profits by selling and installing Transfer Flow fuel tank systems. Contact us today! Visit us at SEMA! Booth 34066 Fuel Your Profits With Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks! 1-800-826-5776

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