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30 The Shop November 2015 ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS A.R.E.'s full line of truck caps includes Cab High Models: Z Series, X Series, CX Series, V Series, Overland Series, HD Series, DCU Series (aluminum construction) and Diamond Edition DCU Series (Diamond Plate aluminum construction); and Above Cab Models: MX Series (mid-rise) and TW Series (high-rise). A.R.E.'s line of tonneau covers includes LSX Ultra Series, LSX Series, LSII Series, LT Series and 3DL Series. While some trucks may be limited in terms of specific models, at least one or two cap or tonneau models are available from A.R.E. for essentially every truck on the road today. While any model is strong and durable enough to handle nearly any type of truck use, we would recommend our DCU Series, Diamond Edition DCU, and HD Series caps for the heavy-duty users, while our 3DL Series tonneau cover is perfect for this type of use. The remainder of our models are better equipped for light-duty, everyday use. Our DCU and Diamond Edition DCU caps are built with a heavy-duty alu- minum with fully welded frames. This gives the cap the extra support to hold up to the demands of a work truck. Additionally, our HD Series cap is made of fiberglass, but includes an internal aluminum skel- eton that routes all the roof rack and toolbox weight to the bedrails of the truck. This allows the roof rack to hold 550 pounds and the toolboxes to hold 200 pounds. Every truck cap comes with its own stan- dard side windows, rear door, and front window. Those specific features can vary based on the model selected. On top of that, we have numerous options to choose from, including roof racks, LED rope lighting, interior carpeted finish, and more. Additionally, the 3DL Series tonneau cover has three access points: the normal tonneau cover opening and two side doors, which allows for total access to the truck bed. We fully recommend our dealers to have a forklift in their shops. They help con- siderably when it comes time to install our truck caps and tonneau covers. It also benefits the store by protecting the caps and covers prior to and during installation. THI CorporaTIon/a.r.E. aCCEssorIEs Massillon, Ohio TRUCk STyLIng vs. ATC makes truck caps and tonneau covers for most truck makes and models dating back to four truck body style generations. ATC offers the low-profile SRT Lid for all of the newest body style trucks (trucks updated since 2014). We also continue to offer our Platinum Lid with patented hatch cover and our Wrap Lid for most year models from 2000-2014. All of our tonneau covers can be used for heavy-duty and light-duty purposes. Our SRT Lid comes with a super-low profile and has a BOLT programmable lock on top. On the interior we have a carpeted head- liner and 4-bar hinge system that lifts the top up and away from the bed. It is easily installed with four brackets and can be taken on and off with turn knobs. Our WT (WorkTop) fiberglass commercial cover and ProSeries aluminum commer- cial cover are made for heavy-duty purposes. Our LEX, LER, LES, LTD, LED, and EXP are not made to the same HD commercial specs, but can still stand up to use for work. We recognize that most customers use their tops for some kind of work and we would not describe any as "light-duty" caps. Our WT (WorkTop) is constructed with 40-percent thicker fiberglass throughout and a larger, stronger, nida-Core reinforce- ment in the roof that gives us a roof weight rating of 500 pounds. Our Pro-Series is constructed from .040 gauge aluminum for our skin metal, which we believe to be the heaviest in the industry with a full interior skeleton construction. The WT includes a variety of Heavy- Duty and work related components, such as fiberglass toolboxes with shelves, large side access, carpeted headliner, security and lighting. The Pro Series includes marine- grade chrome hinges, protective inner linings, heavy-duty black trim, and many other work-related components. Installation requires only a 1/2-inch wrench. Four brackets connect to the bed caps, then the 4-bar hinge system hooks to the front brackets and the lift assist arms connect to the rear brackets. Dealers should be familiar with third brake light wiring and have the electrical tools and components to install 12-volt lighting. Forklifts are helpful for moving large truck caps around and placing them on the beds; however they are not required. ATC also offers clamping hard- ware to our customers; however, many dealers choose to use their own. For some models, cap tape is required for a good, watertight seal. aTC TruCk CovErs InC. Ottawa, kansas

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