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44 The Shop November 2015 ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS S everal years ago we were going through our insurance and getting quotes and found out that our current insurance provider did not have us covered for half of what we needed. Insurance is a crucial part of your business that you need to protect yourself, your staff and your business. We were very fortunate to find a great insurance group to help us not only with the shop, but with racing coverage as well. I think the most difficult part of talking with your insurance group is to make sure to cover all the bases of what you do. When we sat down with our insurance group and gave them a tour of our facility and capabilities, we knew this was not a one-day deal. I spent the next week going over every possible sce- nario and making sure we were covered. We do everything from welding, installing lift kits, wheels, tires, fabrication and every- thing in-between. I think this is what strains most shop owners—to actually sit down and let your insurance company know every- thing you're doing so they can cover you properly with a policy or policies. I am guilty of this as well. When we receive a new piece of equipment I am so worried about getting the machine paid off that I sometimes forget to contact our insurance group and have it added to our policy in case of a total loss scenario. SAFETY Safety is the number one goal at our facility. Practicing safety is something that can be challenging. Safety is easy to say, but hard to stick with. It's a good idea to get the crew together once a month for 10 minutes to discuss safety, so Protect Yourself Having the right insurance is an important part of taking care of your business. By Justin Matney This is the fabrication side of the shop, where major equipment is located. With each new piece of equipment, it's impor- tant to contact the insurance agent and have it added to the policy in case of a total loss scenario. & 877-294-2726

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