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November 2015 The Shop 45 ReSTyling/AfTeRmARkeT AcceSSoRieS it's fresh on their minds—because a lot of times I find myself reminding our staff to remember their safety glasses and hearing protection. It's also extremely important to keep fire extinguishers accessible and in check. We took our facility a step further and added "Safety First" signs in the shop area to help remind them. TYPES OF INSURANCE With the help of my insurance agent, Bradley Robertson, here are some key points to consider on your insurance: Property Coverage: for both the building and contents. It is common to lowball/ under-insure the values in order to save on premium. After a claim, there may not be enough coverage to make the shop whole again. Property coverage should also include coverage for equipment breakdown. Business Income Coverage (aka Business Catastrophe Coverage): in the event of a covered property loss (fire, tornado, etc.) this repays the lost income the business would have generated had the loss not occurred. It can also be written to cover payroll while the business is shut down. Otherwise the employees would be forced to look elsewhere for work. Garage Liability Coverage: protects the shop against claims primarily related to bodily injury or property damage for which it is liable. It includes coverage for inju- ries to third parties (customers, vendors, etc.) on the premises. It also covers claims resulting from completed upgrades or repairs, which result in damage, accident or injury after the fact. For example, if you did something incorrectly and it subsequently caused an accident injuring the customer or someone else. Shops should have at least $1 million per occurrence/claim. Garagekeepers Liability Coverage: specifi- cally covers customers' autos in your care, custody or control. It covers the autos while at the shop, on a test drive, on a car hauler, etc. The limit you carry on your policy should be the average total values of customers' autos in your possession at any one time. Obviously a shop that has 10 autos at once will need a higher limit than RPM's wide variety of work requires insurance for the simple and the complex—everything from a transmission fluid change to a new bed cover installation to an engine head job. & ROAD ARMOR IS THE WORLDS PREMIER BUMPER MANUFACTURER, DEDICATED TO PRODUCING THE ULTIMATE IN FORM, FIT, AND FINISH. WE WERE THE FIRST TO CREATE A MULTI FACETED STEEL BUMPER DESIGN AND HAVE LED THE INDUSTRY SINCE 2002. SPECIAL REBATE OFFER $50 BACK ON BUMPERS AND JK ARMOR * $100 BACK ON GUARDED FRONT BUMPERS ** REBATE CODE : DIESELTECH CALL FOR DETAILS * EXCLUDES LIGHT PILLARS ** TITAN II AND LONESTAR ONLY OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/2015

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