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November 2015 The Shop 49 performance T he rising popularity of late-model per- formance vehicles is keeping the street performance market in the fast lane. The engines are newer, the rides are smoother, but the sensation of cruising a customized vehicle continues to capture the imagination of drivers across the country, just as it has for more than 50 years. Performance shops continue to capi- talize on this excitement by offering the latest products for the latest cars, and the background knowledge owners want to make them run better without any prob- lems. Brand-loyal cus- tomers are driving a resurgence in the street perfor- mance market, fueled by the new generation of mod- ern muscle cars. Road RepoRT Why the street performance market remains in the fast lane. Compiled by Jef White The passion drivers have for their vehicles is the same as it ever was. (Photo courtesy Eibach) If your business is still finding its place in the street performance market, here's an update on what's hot, what's new and what's next. Holley performance products Bowling Green, Kentucky Alex Healey Content Coordinator How is new vehicle technology affecting the Street Performance market? The emergence of new platforms such as the GM LS engines, Ford Coyote engines, and Mopar Gen III/IV Hemis have forced manufacturers to shift their support to them. The days of finding a carbureted small-block under the hood of almost every hot rod are gone. The rising popularity of these platforms is showing no signs of dissipation, so it is only logical to support them the way the industry supported their predecessors for decades prior.

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