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50 The Shop November 2015 performance How has the Street Performance market changed over the past 10 years? The shift from older, carbureted small- block engines being the "go-to" to the newer offerings from the Big Three manu- facturers has caused an equal shift in focus in the street performance market. The proliferation of simple-to-install, no-laptop-required EFI systems like Ter- minator EFI is making it much easier for customers to upgrade their vehicles to fuel injection. Holley has a full line of appli- cations it supports with the Terminator systems, including the universal Terminator TBI systems all the way to LS-specific kits that are available in TBI or MPFI. The MPFI kits also have provisions for drive- by-wire and transmission control. What are some common traits that typ- ical Street Performance customers share? Customers are now more informed than ever. The Internet allows customers to compare results of different combinations, allowing them to form a clearer idea of what they want from their car, and what they will need to do to achieve it. It is also very common to see customers immediately looking to modify their Road RepoRt Today's street perfor- mance machines have bigger engines and more horsepower, but drivers expect drivability from their powertrain as well. (Photo courtesy FAST) The street performance market has become as much about the lifestyle as it is about the vehicles. (Photos courtesy FAST)

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