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52 The Shop November 2015 performance exhausts on their project cars or classic vehicle purchases. Hooker Headers has recently released its premium-quality Blackheart line of 304SS stainless steel exhaust products. These products are geared toward the late-model muscle market, as well as Hooker's growing line of LS engine swap applications. While Blackheart products are designed to increase performance, a large degree of focus has been placed on the quality of the materials used in produc- tion, product fitment and, of course, an aggressive sound. What advice do you have for shops looking to increase their Street Perfor- mance business? It's always best to survey your local market. Find out what types of cars people are building and cater your parts and services to them. Additionally, if there is a market that is underserved or not being acknowledged at all, exploit it to the best of your ability. Why is now a good time for shops to increase their Street Performance offerings? Now is always a good time to get into a burgeoning market. If you stand fast in your old ways, you run the risk of being left behind. If you're waiting for the next big thing, it may be too long of a wait for that thing to come along. FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) Memphis, Tennessee David Page Sales Manager How is new vehicle technology affecting the Street Performance market? The electronic fuel injection market is The shift from older, carbureted small-block engines being the "go-to" to the newer offerings from the Big Three manufacturers has caused an equal shift in focus in the street performance market. (Photo courtesy Holley Performance Products) RoAd RepoRT The Internet allows customers to compare results of different combinations, allowing them to form a clearer idea of what they want from their car, and what they will need to do to achieve it. (Photos courtesy Holley Performance Products)

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