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November 2015 The Shop 55 performance Eibach remains fully engaged as a tier 1 supplier to many high-end international car manufacturers. And as a SEMA member, Eibach also works with the Clemson Uni- versity Vehicle Dynamics Program. Here they do vehicle dynamic testing on vehicles with our suspension kits installed to show performance gains and stability control. How has the Street Performance market changed over the past 10 years? The market is aging and the industry as a whole needs to address this head-on. Ten- plus years ago, the sport compact market was white-hot; now these younger enthu- siasts have gotten older and moved up to European and domestic muscle. With today's "connected" teenagers and ride-sharing, the appeal for a hot hatch just isn't as relevant anymore. What are some common traits that typ- ical Street Performance customers share? A passion to be unique. We very rarely get the same questions asked more than once. What advice do you have for shops looking to increase their Street Perfor- mance business? Get more engaged in social media and forums. There is too much misinforma- tion being posted and shared. Only industry professionals can correct this. This not only helps all enthusiasts to make better buying decisions, it also helps elevate your business and/or brand as an industry leader. Why is now a good time for shops to increase their Street Performance offer- ings? Simple—availability is king. If you don't have it, the enthusiast will go somewhere else, as their money is burning a hole in their pocket! . RHIGH TECH CARBON FIBER LOOK RMADE FROM PULVERIZED LAVA ROCK REDIRECT EXHAUST HEAT THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER... HOT NEW PRODUCTS SS - STAINLESS STEEL RPROTECT COMPONENTS R CARBON FIBER EXHAUST INSULATING WRAP TM SS CLAMP-ON HEAT SHIELD TM Call ( 800 ) 274-8437 or visit for a FREE CATALOG, technical support or a distributor near you. MADE IN THE USA RACE TESTED...STREET APPROVED

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