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64 The Shop November 2015 C e l e b r a t i n g t h e Ford Mustang performance year run and next up on the drawing board was a completely fresh car for 1979, styled with european influence to be lighter and longer, with 20-percent more space inside. the car was based on the Fox platform, which was originally designed for the 1978 Ford Fairmont/Mercury Zephyr passenger cars and then modified for pony car use. MacPherson strut front suspension was one of the welcomed new features, and a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine was added as an option. Plus, the 302-ci V-8 was now promoted as 5.0-liter power and it had a nice ring to it. More than 2.6 million Fox-bodied Mus- tangs were produced (1979-1993) and there's no question that today there's a renewed love affair with performance enthusiasts for these cars. HOT ROD Magazine proclaimed that "during the decade that followed its introduction, the basic Fox-body Mustang V-8 evolved into what is arguably the finest and least-expensive mass-produced pony car of all time." the Fox-chassis lasted some 15 years— five more than originally planned. GoinG Soft in its 30th anniversary year, the new 1994 Mustang models were freshened on the outside, even while mechanical parts were carried over. there was a certain soft, femi- nine flavor to the restyling. it was launched on Dec. 9, 1993, and even before it was shown to the public Road & Track Magazine did a full report. here's what their writer noted about the car: "On first drive, there's no question that the 1994 Mustang is sufficiently improved to keep the Ford pony-car tradition growing for a few more years. Sporty, not radical, styling, good power, and a distinc- tively american rear-drive character are Mustang's attractions once again." notable among the body changes were the return to side scoops on the quarter- panels, three-element taillights and a pony back on the center of the grille. in 1996, the old push-rod 5.0-liter engine was replaced by the modular 4.7- liter SOhC power plant and the 1999-2004 cars saw the "new edge" sheet metal design (sharper lines, larger side scoops) with a Cobra version arriving in 2003, complete Successfully designed by a committee when it was introduced in 1964, the Mustang was the right car at the right time. Its popularity remains —on the street and at the track. With PROFORM, you know what's inside: Quality and Performance! Individually Tested by Us, Not You! Factory Performance™ Parts ® 66448.1N 66225BK 66256 Scan to view video! 66445.1N

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