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November 2015 The Shop 69 frame sizes, featuring CNC-machined 2618 forged aluminum CEA compressor wheels, high-flow CEA turbine wheels, SFI-approved turbine housings, stainless steel turbine housings with T3/T4 inlets and V-band outlets, and divided T4 turbine housings. Our product line includes tur- bochargers for practically every application and engine combination, ranging from 385 hp all the way up to 2,800-plus." Also available from Precision Turbo are both air-to-air and liquid-to-air intercoolers. FAST-MOVING DIESELS "With the high price of new vehicles," says Hypermax's Olsen, "people have turned to upgrading their existing vehicles. The pre-1995 diesel pickups from Ford were naturally aspirated, so a turbo is a great upgrade. Our Pulse turbo kit for 1983- '94 Ford diesels has traditionally been a great seller and is selling briskly right now. It's a direct bolt-on kit, with all the neces- sary components to complete the job, that boosts the truck's power by 50 percent. You can feel that in the seat of your pants. We also offer an intercooler for these vehicles." Additionally, Hypermax has a larger-than-stock turbo for factory-turbo- charged 1994-2002 Ford diesel pickups— "another direct-bolt-on kit with all the nec- essary components to complete the job." Hypermax intercooler kits are available for those models as well, including the Tapercore, which, as its name implies, fea- tures a unique trapezoidal core design that maximizes the heat exchange area while still fitting under a stock engine hood. "It provides 20 percent more frontal area, with 30 percent greater flow capacity," Olsen notes. BOOSTING SALES Turbochargers generate add-on sales almost as effectively as they increase manifold pres- sure. "Even when you're selling a complete kit," says Wynn, "there is still an opportu- nity for add-on sales—including, a turbo timer, a boost controller, and additional gauges; plus a new exhaust, upgraded clutch and flywheel, and improved braking components." "As boosting a vehicle's engine can put extra stress on all of the supporting and interconnected systems," Jacobs explains, "the possibilities for add-on sales are seem- ingly endless." The fastest-growing segment of the turbocharger market is bolt-on upgrade turbos and intercoolers. (Photos courtesy Turbonetics) performance

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