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November 2015 The Shop 73 panies to address both types of user bases. TS: Where do you think the industry will be in 10 years? PW: I wish I knew the answer to that ques- tion. It would certainly make planning easier. We plan for five-year cycles, and then reevaluate every year to modify the plan as needed. To fortune-tell the next 10 years is impossible. Just look at the changes in our industry in the last 10 years. Could you foretell what has happened? I couldn't. TS: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? PW: I would have to say winning the PWA Manufacturer of the Year is one of my proudest moments. I was honored to physi- cally receive the award for all of our team at Center- force and Midway Industries. TS: Congratula- tions! That is a real accomplishment that takes a true team effort. TS: What's your next big goal to achieve? PW: Retirement! To watch our kids take over and run the company has certainly had its challenges. Trying to teach without being overbearing is very hard for a parent. However, I have seen what they can do, and I have no doubt they will take us into the next 30 years. TS: What's your advice for speed shops seeking long-term success in the perfor- mance aftermarket? PW: Service, service, service. Competing against Internet companies that in some cases don't even stock product is tough. It's hard to compete on price, so they have to sell service. TS: What's one thing most people in the automotive aftermarket don't know about you? PW: Other than my family, my other passions are racing of all types, playing my guitars and flying our Seneca II twin- engine airplane. Flying is something I've had the privilege to do for close to 40 years, and it's truly Zen-like for relaxation. If I need to think about something, I jump in the plane and go shoot some approaches—it lowers the blood pressure, too. TS: Thanks Pat. It was great learning more about you. See you at a show, or in the friendly skies! Regis Finn is the marketing manager for Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America and also serves as the current chair of the SEMA ETTN Select Com- mittee. In the past he held the job of director of marketing for B&M Racing & Performance, Hurst Shifters, Hurst Performance Vehicles and McLeod Clutches. In addition he has held the titles of CEO, CMO and vice president for a number of aftermarket companies. He holds degrees in Computer Science (with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence) and Mechanical Engi- neering. He currently resides in Carlsbad, California, with his wife and two daughters. performance Patrick, Michael and Suzanne when they signed the deal to move to Prescott in 1995. The Midway Industries/Centerforce facility in Prescott, Arizona houses the aftermarket clutch business and the 38 employees who make it tick. Wilson, right, with Michael Hays, executive VP. Centerforce ships performance clutch systems worldwide and enjoys a customer base that ranges from small single propri- etors to mega performance outlets. Kimberly Baty, office manager, and Bryan Wilson, general manager. Linette Wilson, purchasing manager, and Bryan Wilson, general manager. Will and Kimberly Baty.

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