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74 The Shop November 2015 74 The Shop November 2015 F or Garry Lundstedt, owner of Lund- stedt Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado, a life turning wrenches was in the cards from the start. "Knowing my background, it's hard to imagine not doing this type of work," he says. "I grew up doing service work and parts for dealerships. My dad and grandpa had shops. So this is what I was raised to do." With a laugh, he recalls one of his ear- liest memories is of his dad handing him a wiper motor and saying, "Hold this and don't take it apart." "Of course I took it apart immediately, and I can remember his face when he saw the springs and pieces flying!" For Lundstedt, those early memories of working on vehicles and tagging along with his dad to go to races laid the foundation for what would ultimately become a suc- cessful shop offering complete mechanical, automotive and truck service and repair, along with performance upgrades and com- plete project builds. "I have a lot of fond memories of those experiences and, because of that, all I ever wanted to do was be a mechanic," he says. That's not to say that he was born with the intention of becoming an entrepre- neur, however. That came much later and almost as an afterthought to the passion of working as a tech. "I can't say that I felt any big desire to be a business owner," he says. "It just evolved over the years. I always worked on cars, first for fun and then for someone else's business. I was always doing side work for family and friends. Over time, it just began to make the most sense to go into business for myself." Taking the leap to becoming a business owner is often one of the most stressful decisions a person will make, and that cer- tainly was the case for Lundstedt when he opened his doors in 2001. "Starting a business was a tough decision; a scary decision for sure," he says. "At the Born Wrench to Garry Lundstedt and sons, Jordan and Brian. Jordan specializes in performance cali- bration and tun- ing; Brian is the company's service and cryogenics advisor. Lundstedt Automotive applies small- town values to big-time projects. performance By Jake Rishavy

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