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76 The Shop November 2015 performance time I made that decision I had three kids, a mortgage and really no savings or money to invest. All the stuff you're supposed to do before taking that step, I didn't do." That left Lundstedt in a tenuous posi- tion, but somehow he emerged successful. "Honestly, if we would have had two slow months, we'd have been done before we ever got started," he recalls. "The work itself wasn't hard; I'd done all that before, at least on the wrenching side of things. I had a lot of experience and training. But I had so much to learn on the business side of things." A FAMILY PERFORMANCE BUSINESS In the 14 or so years since founding the business, Lundstedt has learned a great deal about the fundamentals of being a shop owner. So much so that the growing company now employs seven techs in a 10,000-square-foot shop and showroom featuring 15 service and install bays. "The place is jam-packed at the moment," he says, noting that the company operates another smaller space at Lundstedt's home for longer-term projects. "Our main busi- ness is still the general service and repair work, which probably accounts for about 80 percent of our business. Performance work, including advanced diagnostics and dyno-testing, makes up the other 20 per- cent." In this work, Lundstedt is fortunate to have the day-to-day support of his wife, Kathy, who manages the bookkeeping and accounts; as well as his sons, Jordan and Brian. Jordan, Garry's youngest son, specializes in performance calibration and tuning, while Brian is the company's ser- vice and cryogenics advisor, working with customers on cryogenic treatment projects. "We got to where we are today by saying 'Yes, we can do that' to even the most dif- ficult or odd jobs," he says. "We take pride in being good at what we do and treating people right. My three boys were also raised in the automotive industry with this type of get it done and done right attitude." While performance-related work might have a higher profile, it's the general service and repair work—as well as a fast-growing pool of fleet work on medium- and light- duty trucks for private companies in the area—that keeps the lights on and the bills paid. Knowing that, Lundstedt says the 76 The Shop November 2015 "We take pride in being good at what we do and treating people right," says Garry Lundstedt. Born Wrench to For calibration projects, Jordan Lundstedt employs a steady-state chassis dyno capable of handling up to 1,400 hp and 950 hp sustained.

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