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November 2015 The Shop 77 performance company is selective about which perfor- mance projects it pursues. "Over the years we've really steered our performance work to a smaller group of better customers, to be honest. We don't particularly look to compete with the big- time performance shops," he says. "Some of our main customers have for a long time, and still consist of our fleet work. By pro- viding consistent, reliable work, our fleet customers are some of our best and closest. We know them by name and have a knack for knowing the nuances of each vehicle, although this can be said about most of our regular customers as well." A DEDICATION TO ALL CUSTOMERS At the core of the business, Lundstedt and his team focus on strong business funda- mentals, like putting clients' needs before their own and becoming trusted advisors for all customers, of all project sizes. "We just want to do good work for good people. And, we do that," he says. "We feel fortunate we have some great cus- tomers and we work very hard to make them happy. We won't sell you something if it's not a good fit, and if you're asking for something that isn't going to perform the way you think it will, we will tell you up front. "We take pride in all of our jobs," he adds. "The high-end jobs are always exciting, but the satisfaction of seeing a customer happy, when their vehicle runs well, is priceless. We often receive jobs in which the customer has spent many dollars and, at times, years with multiple shops trying to figure things out. Hearing that we've solved their problem is immensely rewarding." That approach to treating customers well and solving their challenging service and performance issues has allowed the team at Lundstedt Automotive (www.lundst to build long-lasting relationships with many of its customers, and even with the community as a whole. "Having been established in Fort Collins for over 14 years now, we have come to know this community as we would rela- tives," he says, noting that he boasts many close relationships with other shops, dealers and manufacturers in the area. Lundstedt Automotive commonly works with shops nearby, including Greeley Auto- motive and Machining in Greeley, Colo- rado; AMS Automotive Machine Supply in Fort Collins; Precision Auto Works in Broomfield, Colorado; Palomino Industries in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Weld CO Garage and many others. The quality of the shop's team members and the industry knowledge they share with High-end jobs are always exciting, but the satisfaction of seeing a customer happy when their vehicle runs well is priceless.

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