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78 The Shop November 2015 78 The Shop November 2015 Born Wrench to performance customers plays a big role in creating that connectivity. Because of this, Lundstedt works hard to keep his team consistent over time. " We are always looking for good employees," he says. "We try to compen- sate them well, treat them well and keep the shop a good place to be. All of the employees often spend time, after hours or on weekends, helping each other with their own projects and builds. We try to keep a sense of camaraderie in the shop." CALIBRATION AND CRYOGENICS SPECIALISTS With a great team and substantial long- term customers in place, Lundstedt Auto- motive has a strong foundation on which to build a couple of specialty revenue centers within the company, including a focus on both calibration and cryogenics. For calibration projects, Jordan Lund- stedt employs a steady-state chassis dyno capable of handling up to 1,400 hp and 950 hp sustained. Steady state dynos allow for proper loading of the vehicle to simulate actual driving conditions, which is required for proper tuning. The shop created a $75 service that includes recording torque, horsepower, rpm and speed. For an additional $10, they throw in a wideband air/fuel ratio data acquisition. Additional dyno time with the customer tuning, but with access to a dyno operator, is $95 per hour. When the shop's employees are tuning or diagnosing a cus- tomer's problem, the rate is $125 per hour. Garry Lundstedt notes that the company also runs popular "Dyno Days" and group discounts for performance enthusiasts. For tuning, the company utilizes 22 dif- ferent calibration programs on desktop. The most frequently used include HP Tuners, EFILive, SCT, DiabloSport, Holley, FAST, Big Stuff 3, along with import and diesel software. "If you've heard of it, there's a good change Jordan has used it," says Garry. "The performance brands we commonly use are Holley, ProCharger, Edelbrock, Edge, Banks, ACCEL, Lakewood, Hays, Quick Time, Mallory, Magnuson, Nitrous Outlet, Viking Shocks, Bullseye Turbo, Mark Williams Enterprises and others." Among the more unique offerings at Lundstedt Automotive is a cryogenics department, run by Brian Lundstedt. Cryogenics treatments subject auto parts— often performance parts—to extreme cold temperatures to change the grain structure of the metal, improving resistance to abra- sive wear, and increasing tensile strength, The shop runs popular "Dyno Days" and group discounts for performance enthusiasts.

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