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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2015 • 17 "The starting point for end users is always, 'What am I going to get out of this? What's in it for me?'" says Lyle Bunn, owner of BUNN, a Toronto-based consultancy. "And so the 'What's in it for them' always fits within four major cat- egories." The categories include: • Selling more products and services • Improving brand awareness • Improving the ambiance or vitality in that location • A lower cost of creating the messag- ing that they would otherwise executive with alternate methods There's always an eye toward success when conducting business. But the ques- tion here is: How can a sign shop and its customers both achieve their goals while working on a particular project? Where EDS Thrives It's tough to specifically identify the perfect end user of a digital signage sys- tem. The technology and effectiveness of the system really provides an advantage to whomever is using it. But the solution is likely different for everyone, depend- ing on several factors. "Digital signage is a very versatile medium for getting information out there. It's as dynamic as your business, whatever that may be," says Eric Henry, VP Signage Solutions, Tightrope Media Systems. Digital signage is prevalent in retail stores, banks, restaurants and health care facilities, but it extends out to even more areas. For sign shops looking to increase their business, the reach and adaptability of digital signage provides a great oppor- tunity to do so. "Sign shops should highlight the benefits of digital signage systems, such as branding and marketing opportuni- ties that increase product turnover for slower-moving products," says Julie Gederos, marketing product manager, Roland DGA. "Digital signage grants a level of flexibility that's not available in printed signage. Sold out items can be (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) The messaging of EDS systems is easily transitional and can fit with a customer's current offerings. (Image courtesy of Tightrope Media Systems) Digital signage provides a lower cost to create the message that the client would otherwise executive with alternate methods.

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