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November '15

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2015 • 21 Typically, customers have little to no experience in digital signage. This is where sign shops can help fill in the gaps with their expertise. "Many customers are unsure how to manage a digital signage system," Gederos says. "Therefore, setting expec- tations are key when servicing a digital signage customer. If the sign shop is managing the system, the agreement should include how often graphics will be updated, an expected turnaround time and a general reference to responsiveness of the company servicing the system." Regarding time, this is another area that should be promoted as a key advantage to customers. The necessity to change out physical signage is elimi- nated with digital signage and, according to Henry, "you can have a digital signage network up and running quickly, and begin creating your story in no time for an immediate impact." Bunn expands on this by saying cus- tomers "always want better results, how- ever, there isn't a very good sense of what this is going to cost and how much time it's going to take. Return on time is one of the key determinants for this. They all want to improve their communications but not all want to put resources behind their priorities." This is another area where effective dialog can make a big difference to the customer. Again, an emphasis should be placed on achieving success for the cus- tomer. Sign shops "should focus on offer- ing a custom solution that truly solves the customers' business challenge," Jerome says. "Digital signage is a powerful reac- tive marketing tool." Meeting Customer Needs There are so many different configu- rations and ways to approach digital sig- nage that it is difficult to identify cost or even returns without getting into why or how a customer will use the signage. "There are solutions ranging from low or no cost to premium and custom," Farkas says. "The low-end solutions tend to line up very nicely with traditional signs as they essentially do the same thing. The premium solutions offer interactivity, event triggering, customization, localization, multiple content elements, multiple zones, video, and a whole host of extras that really aren't like a traditional sign at all." Finding the answers to customers' needs will position shops as knowledge- able and genuine. And, in the end, pro- viding right fit will pay off for both the sign shop and its customer. SDG Customers only understand the real power of digital when they are provided with real use cases of how other companies are using signage.

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