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level of experience in working with small and mid-sized businesses? • Does your local banker have lending authority? What's the largest loan he or she can approve without checking with higher ups? Reputation of Bank—Make sure you do some online research and ask your friends/other entrepreneurs about the bank you're thinking of using. Some banks have a bad reputation and you probably want to avoid those. Make it a habit to ask any or all of the follow- ing questions: • Have they posted a profit or loss in the last four quarters? • Are their earnings decreasing or increasing and does the bank have ade- quate liquidity? • Are they in the middle of a merger or have they recently been acquired? Have they been mentioned in the media recently in not-so-complimentary news items? • Is the bank on the SBA's current list of top small business lenders? Does the bank have a business division focused on lending to small and medium-sized companies? • What efforts is the bank taking to combat fraud and identity theft? Have they heard of attempts by scammers to access business bank account informa- tion via phony communications—such as phishing (fake emails), vishing (voice mails), or smishing (text messages)? Final Thoughts A good bank can prove to be an invaluable partner to a small business, not only helping its owner to borrow capital and managing cash flow, but also working with him or her to plan for the future and assure potential customers of the business that it partners with banks that are cutting edge, stable and upstand- ing. Put as much effort into finding the right bank—and nurture that relation- ship—as you would put into landing a big customer or hiring a new member of your management team. Good luck! SDG Make it Your Business C O N T I N U E D 6 28 • November 2015 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Product Highlights W elcome to the Product Highlights section, where each month we offer you resources to enrich and expand your business with great services and products from our advertisers. Quickly find and request free information on the suppliers featured in this section by visiting 800.258.0991 Expand your print capabilities to the "Maxx"— print directly to super-wide magnet sheets and rolls 40"or 48" wide. Proudly made in the USA! Call us today at 800.258.0091 or visit us online to learn more. Perfect for: • POP displays • Wall graphics • Retail signage • Menuboards • High-yield cut pieces DigiMaxx ® Super-Wide Printable Magnet UPGRADE to THE LEADER IN PROVIDING C0 LARGE FORMAT LASER CUTTING AND ENGRAVING EQUIPMENT CURRENT LASER NOT CUTTING IT? 888-660-2755 | KERNLASERS.COM 2

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