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November '15

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42 • November 2015 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S Window Graphics Building impressions with exterior window graphics Sco Franko is the president of Franko Design Concepts and Consulting, US Signcraers, e Sign Store and Building Impressions. Send emails to sco@ S ome building exteriors are designed and con- structed with a goal of making an authentic, artistic and architectural impression. For example, Longaberger, in Newark, Ohio, built its corporate headquarters to look like its product—a giant hand- woven basket. I'm not into baskets, but I know a build- ing impression when I see one. This company, along with its team of designers and builders, capitalized on the power of building strong visual impressions to make its business more interesting. The extreme uniqueness of Longaberger's exterior provides a better experience of its name and brand. Further east is a retail store called 5Wits, an inter- active adventure venue. They are located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, at the Patriot Place retail complex of Gillette Stadium. Instead of fancy architecture, the company accomplishes its building impression through engaging graphics applied to the glass exte- rior of its storefront. What would otherwise appear as "just another store," 5Wits made its storefront a standout—one that earned the sign company that provided the company's graphics a bronze "Gold Ink Award" from one of the industry's most prestigious annual competitions for printing. The award-winning sign company that did the job is The Sign Center. Dan Johansen is the company's general manager. The opportunity came to Johansen and The Sign Center when 5Wits asked them to help create and install a compelling visual to the store's massive but B y S C o T T F R A N k o Building Impressions DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS This 20 by 80 foot exterior wall of glass became a spectacular visual building impression.

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