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November '15

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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2015 • 45 EFI VUTEk QS2 Pro printer. The Sign Center had recently upgraded printers by investing in the new technology that allowed them to print onto rigid sub- strates and print on both sides of those substrates. "Using that new printer," Johansen says, "we'd just recently completed installing a series of inkjet-printed pan- els on a glass-encased skyway at a local shopping mall that featured our newly introduced printing process that lever- ages the V U T E k's multi-layer print option. We found that we could create vibrant, rich double-sided images on our standard Oracal clear material and print three layers of ink simultaneously on the substrate; CMYK – White – CMYK. This creates a viewable image on both sides that would be seen from both inside and outside the building with the same color quality on both sides." With a sample to show 5Wits, Johansen was able to demonstrate to them how to promote the business on a large scale and with impact. "With over 80 feet of glass store- front, we had a big palette to work with," Johansen says. After discussing content it was deter- mined that 5Wits already had some high- resolution images that would support its brand and display well in this large for- mat. Eventually it narrowed the choices down to two images. At this point, The Sign Center could go to work on creat- ing proofs and begin the production file preparation that would require the two images to be broken apart into 32 sepa- rate panels that would be tiled together for the final display. To speed production of file prepara- tion, "i-Cut" software from ESKO helped automate much of the image tiling pro- cess that otherwise would have taken many more hours of detailed work to achieve manually. Similar to other pan- eled vinyl installation jobs, The Sign Center had to factor in bleeds and cut paths into the tiling process in order to ensure that each panel would flow to the next as if it were one large, continuous image. Once the panels were produced, the installation was completed in one day by their team of installation profes- sionals. In the end, this 20' x 80' exterior wall of glass had become a spectacular visual building impression. "It is awesome," Johansen says of the final outcome. "A display like this is a way to capitalize on all that real estate and let people know that there is something in there waiting for them." SDG e 20 by 80 foot exterior wall of glass has become a spectacular visual building impression.

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