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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2015 • 71 • Understanding the user demo- graphic, languages and possible need for universal symbols. • Understanding pre-engineered sign systems and infrastructure requirements needed to fulfill the functional require- ments of the project. Teaming Up with Design Firms There are huge benefits to sign com- panies that offer these services in-house. Halverson adds. "Customers love the one-stop shopping approach and profit margins are usually slightly higher, plus you are bringing value to the project (not just a commodity). However, on medium-to-larger scale projects, I feel it is best to team up with a professional SEGD-affiliated design firm that special- izes in these services. There are a very limited number of sign companies that can successfully perform the design and build of a strategic wayfinding system. Many sign companies try and most fail as the experience and resources required are simply underestimated." He adds there is a new network just recently created that provides designers with pre-set sign families that feature an integrated set of interior and exte- Bar says that effective wayfinding begins with a well-thought out, well-engineered plan that anticipates directional needs, guides visitors to key destinations and one that ties both out- door and indoor locations together. (Image courtesy of Vista System LLC) rior wayfinding signs. "With access to this online network, designers can select from a series of cohesive sign families and then easily modify the design aspects of that family to achieve a finely-blended wayfinding signage solution to match their project environment. A complete documentation packet is generated with supporting design drawings specs from CSI (Construction Specifications Institute). The network—called SeeSaw—is the first of its kind, and is presently in the final stages of its beta release. During this beta stage designers can access the site, without credentials, at www. Tools like SeeSaw will help facility managers, owners, and architects find turnkey design and build sign partners in their area," Halverson concludes. SDG (Image courtesy of Howard Industries)

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