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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2015 • 77 Well, as it turned out, the deadline was quite flexible, and they already intended to provide everything… including the paint. The paint wasn't the kind of paint I would normally use, but that was still okay with me. And, the job wasn't hard, just big, and for me it was quite a bit of fun to do this type of project. In the end, with a paper pattern (pro- vided to me already perforated), a few junky brushes, a small roller, and the nerve to work up high in a very fine man- lift, I would make about $100 an hour with only the cold drinks I consumed as direct costs. I think today, a lot of signmakers would turn down a job like this, but they aren't that hard. It's like they say about eating an elephant, you just do it one bite at a time. The toughest mouthful on this job was the part that should have gone down eas- ily. The unknown person who provided the pattern did a good enough job, but they used extremely heavy duty paper that was quite heavy to tape in place. It was only in two large sections, but I broke it down into a half dozen or more, and that was the right thing to do. With a couple of junk brushes and a small roller, and patterns provided, this job of hand painting a very large but simplelogo made for a couple of days of well paid straight forward sign work. The placement of patterns and tracing the lines after pouncing (in case a shower washed away the chalk), ended up being the part that took longer than expected. Following a straight line drawn on the wall first, the top edges of the pattern sections are taped in place and rolled down onto the wall. The real hassle came from the extra hot black metal causing the tape to soften and try to fail. A high grade duct tape, like Gorilla Tape is the right choice for securing patterns and having a pack- aging tape edging on the patterns pre- vents tearing and give the duct tape a better surface to hold on to.

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