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82 • November 2015 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH Colt Bowden, applying mica sparkle flakes and the progress of a sample letter which is composed entirely by hand. who converted his shop into a wild west- ern setting for this unique annual gath- ering. The Deadmen, as they are called, seek to relive a glorious past in which all signage emerged solely from the brush and the gilders tip, and perhaps the barrel of a gun, or at least three days of watch- ing Western movies while they gild. I had the honor of speaking with two of the younger participants, Colt Bowden and Ken Davis, who represent the high road to the future of the craft. I found it interesting to inquire into why they have virtually dedicated their lives to a set of antiquated techniques that seem to bring them great contentment. I will attempt to paraphrase some of the rev- elations that I gleaned from these two young masters of the trade who emerged just as yet another sign painting revival was evolving within the last few years. Colt Bowden Producer of the pamphlet series, "How to Paint Signs and Influence People." "I am usually experimenting with something a little bit original in a long line of already been dones. At the same The astounding sign for San Francisco's legendary 7th Son tattoo shop. Andrew Laurence of Gentleman and Scholar Signs, in San Francisco, etching a panel for glue chipping.

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