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BUSINESS WATCH 8 || P R I N T W E A R N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 5 InkSoft Announces New Partnerships ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Ryonet now of- fers InkSoft Studio. This software is suitable for any type of printing business, including textile and sign screen printing, digital di- rect-to-garment, and heat transfers. It combines a professional website with an integrated online designer that comes with 12,000 vector designs and cli- part. Other software features include creating, saving, and sharing design concepts using the online art approval feature. In related news, InkSoft has formed a strate- gic alliance with Polyconcept North America (PCNA), the promotional products supplier. It operates Leed's, Bullet, Trimark, Trimark Pow- ered by Leed's, and JournalBooks. This agreement streamlines account creation for InkSoft customers and provides end-col- umn pricing for Bullet and Leed's. End-col- umn pricing is the lowest price offered for pur- chasing at the maximum bulk quantity. InkSoft customers will pay this price without the normally required higher quantity, ensuring them the best possible discount. Users can log in and access products they want to make available in their InkSoft online stores. Once goods are printed, they are drop-shipped. ShutterToons Announces Cooperative Partnership Opportunities for Shops Nationwide LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.—ShutterToons is ac- cepting memberships from local printing shops for the ShutterToons Cooperative, a program which allows small businesses to partner with ShutterToons and gain more customers within their region. The company is a digital printing marketplace that allows customers to personalize designs on countless products and operate a design center from their homes. "The internet has allowed large companies to dominate the printing world due to the high costs of implementing graphic design technol- ogy that allows users to customize their prod- ucts," ShutterToons founder Terry Kelley says. "The ShutterToons Cooperative gives every business access to our cutting edge design center without the price tag that comes with develop- ing and maintaining the software." When a customer places their order with the company, the order is transferred to the partner- ing shop located closest to the customer. That shop then processes the order. Members of the cooperative receive exclusive rights to any and all orders that come into Shut- terToons for their regional zone. This allows the small business to gain local clients, save on shipping costs, and invite more traffic with local pickups. ShutterToons also manages many of the ad- ministrative tasks associated with running a business. The marketplace's team brings in cus- tomers with an extensive marketing plan, and then provides them with a design center, IT support, and customer service. Also included are merchant services, like payment processing, ac- counting, and sales tax collection. "Many hands make light work," Kelley says. "By working as a team, the small businesses who become part of the cooperative get to con- centrate on what they do best—printing the high-quality merchandise that keeps customers coming back for more."

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